Utilize an intelligent ERP system to address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities with flexibility, speed, and insight.

To be competent in today’s rapidly fluctuating market, companies require instant access to the relevant data to facilitate the decision making.

SAP High Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) provides flexible data modeling with instant access to all your transactional and analytical data from any source in real time.

SAP HANA takes massive quantities of data and transforms it to usable information that enables users to make more informed decisions about their business. SAP HANA allows users to analyze large data volumes in memory and in real time at never-before-seen speeds.

SAP HANA is widely recognized as a game-changing technology that enables businesses to ask any question, on any subject, at any time, and get answers within nanoseconds.

Integrating Eminent IT Solution’s capabilities means a fully integrated, highly optimized environment that helps ensure desired results for the HANA initiative, including lower costs and risks, and higher business value. Our SAP HANA offerings help you leverage data in real time to become more agile.

Digitize your finance processes
Understand financial performance in real time, so you can optimize finance processes – from planning and analysis to period end close and treasury management..

Manage product lifecycles more effectively
Develop a fully-aligned product portfolio that allows you to manage lifecycles, control production costs, and deploy resources effectively from across your organization and beyond.

Take control of your supply chain
Increase visibility and agility across your digital supply chain by leveraging machine learning for logistics, manufacturing, and asset management.

Achieve insights across your business
Get a complete picture of operations and use customer insights to help marketing, sales, and service team’s work more productively, grow revenue, and accelerate opportunities.

Stay ahead of your procurement needs
Use intelligent applications with machine learning to improve supplier management, streamline purchasing, and deploy collaborative sourcing and contract management.

Develop industry-specific functionality
Meet the specific needs of your individual organization by customizing your core system without the typical challenges of integration and custom coding.